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50M heated pool - 1 Sports Dr, Runaway Bay

squad swimming

Sharks Aquatics is the perfect place for your child to develop and grow on their swimming journey. We cater for all Squad levels, from those transitioning from learn to swim to those aiming for representative and age national levels. Our coaches are highly experienced and qualified and understand that every swimmer requires an individual approach to achieve their best. 

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Reef Sharks


 30 minutes - max 8 students

$36 per week - unlimited

$30 per week - x2 sessions

$17 per week - x1 session

Tailored for younger students ready to take the next step from learn to swim to squad. Large emphasis is on stroke development and technique. Recommend x2 sessions per week



 45 minutes - max 12 students

$36 per week - unlimited

$30 per week - x2 sessions

$17 per week - x1 session 

Swimmers will start to learn more squad techniques such as using the clock / push off and be introduced to more race techniques. Still a heavy emphasis on stroke development. Recommend minimum x2 sessions per week.

Bull Sharks 
Coach - Ken Malcolm

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$40 per week

$32 per week - x2 sessions

Bull Sharks is preparing students for competition swimming or extra focused fitness for their chosen sport. Emphasis is on helping students reach their individual goals. Recommend minimum x3 sessions for competitive swimmers.

Coach - Ken Malcolm
Assistant - Taite Ledek


1.5 hours 

$45 per week

Suited for competitive swimmers at a regional and introductory state level. We cater for students with a wide array of goals. Swimmers will be proficient in all strokes and focus will be on preparing for competition. Recommend a minimum of x3 sessions per week.

Great Whites
Coach - K
en Malcolm


2 hours

$50 per week

Suited for competitive swimmers at a State and National level. Swimmers are proficient in all strokes and working towards individual goals. Recommend a minimum of x5 session per week

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