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Sharks Aquatics is proud to announce the appointment of Burl Reid as Head Coach, leading our Squad programs.

Burl has been involved in swimming since he could crawl, as a swimmer, coach, spectator, standing in the queue for the bbq at swim club nights, or playing handball behind the grandstand.

He is also a member of the Australian Swimming Team, for his personal swimming achievements at an international level. Burl represented his country and was consistently achieving top ten world rankings throughout his career.

In learning swimming at an early age under doctors instruction, Burl began to achieve a strong relationship with the water as well as a tool to help manage his asthma. 

His coaching experience spans 20 years, with a great deal of that time accompanied with learn to swim & squad teaching roles. This has given Burl a broad spectrum of technical knowledge across the swimming education experience and insights into what needs to be adapted to an individual swimmers needs in their transitions throughout their personal swimming experience.

“Swimming is a lot more than just a sport, because anyone can get wet, race and time themselves, and there’s always someone to take the medals and win the races. Learning to respect the individuals

responsibility of overcoming the challenges we may face whilst swimming is where your character is revealed, lessons are taught and the purpose can be found” 

- buRL

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